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O to kurva je - cours.de Kurva Titrasi. Jika suatu asam atau basa dititrasi, setiap penambahan pereaksi akan mengakibatkan perbahan pH. Grafik yang OH VaMa - VbMb
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Kûrvá Lyrics: Yeah. This one is for your crusty ass. Bitch / Fucking bitch. But. What about. What about. Me. Prudence. Yeah. The. Love for you is like the most stupid pepper your face reminds me
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Oh, fuck, Don thought and, thinking of the boards reaction, wondered if he could come out of this alive. Hungarian És én, a kurva életbe , ehelyett szörfözhetnék is! more_vert
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Other common phrases with vittu include voi vittu (“Oh fuck”), (ja Slovakians would swear with “Kurva!” to express anger, irritation or surprise. It means “whore” because kurva means woman which bends her way from his husband/boyfriend to another man. E.g. in slovak “zahýba mu” (word by word: she bends from him) Her way is curve – curved. “ Tristo hrmenych!” is the
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Although mainly associated with the Polish language, this word also appears in Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Serbian, Slovak, and Russiam under the spelling "kurva". 1. Literally means whore, prostitute, bitch, slut 2.
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